Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

With Brixtel Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI), federal agencies and companies can host individual desktops inside virtual machines that are running in their data center. Users access these desktops remotely from a PC or a thin client using a remote display protocol. Since applications are managed centrally at the corporate data center, organizations gain better control over their desktops. Installations, upgrades, patches and backups can be done with more confidence without user intervention.

Bring Offsite Security Back In-House

Brixtel Virtual Desktop Infrastructure lets companies preserve the security level of their corporate network at offsite facilities. Remote users access applications that reside in the corporate data center, where companies can more easily adhere to compliance requirements as well as secure data that is now locked down in the host country data center.

Deliver Full PC Desktop Environments

Unlike other server-based solutions that are limited in their ability to provide a complete desktop experience or are limited to specific architectures, Brixtel Virtual Desktop Infrastructure includes full PC environments that are familiar to end users and not limited by hardware or location.