Our history


Brixtel started out as a Washington, D.C.-based technology services start-up.

Today, the company's core business areas—Data Center Consolidation, Mission Support Services, Defense Applications, and Transportation Systems—have flourished into leading industry technologies and management systems.

In other areas, including cyber security and RFID, Brixtel is committed to expanding and improving upon its products and systems to meet the diverse needs of national defense and intelligence communities.


Through our culture of innovation, we will develop deep customer trust and create enduring solutions that improve our world.


We take pride in the quality of our solutions and services. That’s why our standards are high and our commitment to quality is

Our Heritage

Brixtel has over 30 years of combined service experience delivering mission-critical, operations-centric solutions to civilian and

Our Consultants

Our consultants are high-caliber subject matter experts (SMEs) that can advise and guide agencies and companies to enable their full

Risk Management

The Brixtel team has developed a robust risk management process that corrects problems before they become issues. Brixtel utilizes a


INSPIRED to make a difference
We are committed to solving the world’s toughest problems. We achieve this by connecting our